CAREERS – Graduate Program


As a rapidly growing and innovative organisation, blisscare®australia invites newly graduated physiotherapists to become part of this growth. blisscare®australia values bright minds that come with new ideas and with the right attitude to help move the company forward and in turn develop the skills necessary to achieve this.

In order to meet these objectives blisscare®australia aims to provide a well-structured program to support the graduate during their first year, encouraging the individual to further develop their professional aspirations and the right work skills.

To ensure the delivery of a well-structured and supported 12-month program, the Graduate Program has been divided into 6 phases. Each phase provides new challenges and opportunities for graduates, both clinically and non-clinically as part of an innovative business model.

The Graduate Program is designed to ensure that all stakeholders involved have a clear understanding of their role and the requirements in each section of each phase; The Program provides clear objectives for graduates and their managers in order to maximize beneficial outcomes for both the graduate and the organisation.


Graduate Program Time Frame


Probationary Phase

  • Officially welcome the graduate into the organisation as a new employee and establishing the employee relationship.
  • Orientation into the organisation and the Clinical department – key aspects, particularly relating to Aged Care.
  • Engagement with blisscare business processes, mission, vision and values
  • Providing the necessary tools and information for an easy transition into your new role.

Comfort Phase

  • Review the orientation checklist for completeness & provide opportunity for feedback;
  • Engagement with the in-service program – opportunity to choose a topic & plan a session.
  • Participate in an initial performance discussion.

Question & Query

  • Emphasis is on clear communication and realistic expectations.
  • Maintaining a weekly clinical supervision session, benefiting from the guidance of a more senior clinician and empowering the graduate to progress as an independent professional.
  • Training and development needs of the Graduate are monitored, with support provided to help develop and improve clinical skills and enhance work confidence and satisfaction.
  • Provide the Graduate with an opportunity to contribute towards the staff learning and development program by conducting an in-service development session.
  • To introduce the Graduate to the Project Management Environment & encourage thinking outside of the clinical scope;
  • Participate in the six month performance appraisal to monitor development & assess progress & alignment with organisational & personal goals.
  • As the half-way point is reached, this is a great opportunity to provide feedback on the first 6 months.

Confident Phase

  • blisscare®australia’s commitment is to ensure graduates have on-going learning and support in the clinical environment by having access to clinical supervision for all practitioners.
  • Supervision now moves from weekly to fortnightly sessions based on the needs of the Graduate. The supervising manager will continue to monitor & assess the training and development of the Graduate, with support provided to help develop and improve clinical skills and enhance work confidence and satisfaction.
  • At this stage, the Graduate should be displaying autonomy and independence in initiating the topics for discussion and leading the direction of the sessions under the guidance of the supervisor in addressing issues of interest or concern.

Future Phase

  • Highlighted activity is a Vision and Career Roadmap session, providing a deeper understanding of the organisation & the industry, as well as an opportunity to consider your personal roadmap.
  • Maintaining a fortnightly weekly clinical supervision session with the senior clinician, aiming to encourage a strong interest to participate in the activities and growth of the organisation.
  • Continued involvement with in-service training sessions & staff meetings.
  • Maintaining monitoring & support for the graduate to continue their professional development, assisting with interests & concerns as required.
  • Further opportunity for feedback both ways, with the supervisor encouraging an honest and professional reflection of activities up to the fifth phase.

Final Phase

  • Clinical supervision during the final phase will assist the Graduate to establish future career objectives & required core competencies in line with blisscare®australia’s strategic objectives.
  • In this final phase, clinical supervision is used to cement the skills and experience the Graduate has obtained over the duration of the program.
  • An assessment is made on how the in-service sessions have benefited the development of the graduate’s skills and competencies.
  • The first Annual performance appraisal is held, providing the graduate & their manager with the opportunity to reflect on his/her performance over the first 12 months and provide constructive feedback for professional growth

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